2019 JCI MN Annual Convention

As you can see, JCI Shakopee definitely had me getting my steps in. Many accomplishments were made in 2018. You should all be very proud of your contributions to the chapter and state. Thank you!
Silver Community Empowerment – Kids Voting
Gold Long-term Community Development – Holiday Festival Silent Auction
Bronze Local Personal Skill- Central ID college (with Alexandria)
2nd most new member adds +17
Presidential medallion- Carolyn Kostelecky
Silver Alumni – Meredith Black
Bronze Jaycee – Lindsay Case
Gold New Jaycee – Carolyn Kostelecky
Top Outstanding Board Member – Lizzie Gherity
Bronze State Delegate – Carrie Moritz
Silver Chapter President – PJ Zimmerman
Also, Bronze Chapter President – Yodee Rivera
Runner up, debate (Melissa Anderson, Matt Duffy, Carolyn Kostelecky)
Greg Ritter memorial award – Tom Joyal
Bronze Key, State Delegate – Carrie Moritz
Bronze Key, Chapter President – PJ Zimmerman
Silver Key, Program Manager – Stephanie Corder
Gold Key, Program Manager – Drew Kothenbeutel
Outstanding State Staff – Drew Kothenbeutel
Charles Kulp Jr. Memorial award – PJ Zimmerman
Overall top First Timer: Carolyn Kostelecky
Tracey Biegert was seated as Ambassador secretary
Jessica Davis received her Statesman

We all love awards as they are a visual of the work that has been put in, however, a convention isn’t all about the awards. It’s about the people you meet, friends from across the state. We come together to celebrate and reconnect. Sometimes there are a little shenanigans involved.

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