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Since its inception in 1963, JCI Shakopee has provided adults aged 18-40 a vehicle to help solve problems locally and around the world. We believe we can – and should – address the needs of others through civic engagement. Our membership can be found in all walks of life (and all over the state,) each sharing a passion for making a difference, an interest in being part of something bigger than themselves, and a desire to grow and expand their horizons by being active in their community.

Our Creed

Meet the 2021 Team

Each year JCI Shakopee members elect the chapter's Board of Directors. The JCI structure offers leadership opportunities to new members each year.

59th President: Carolyn Kostelecky

Management Development Vice President: Matthew Duffy


Public Relations Vice President: Kelsey Boler


Community Development Vice President: Mathew Arnold


Public Relations Vice President: Anne Widenhamer




Public Relations Director: Julius Cortez

Treasurer: Andrea Beecher




Secretary: Jerry Harris

58th President: Stephanie Corder