Community Partnership: Minnesota Snow Lights

In December, JCI Shakopee helped support Minnesota Snow Lights, a program designed to bring some of the joy and wonder of the holiday season to children in need of some cheer.

From their profile: “MN snow lights is a project that was started by over a dozen Twin Cities holiday light show enthusiasts and members of the MN light group. Each of us produce a light show at our homes each holiday season for kids and our local communities to enjoy. This year, we collectively decided we wanted to do more. Our vision is to spread some holiday cheer and happiness to kids across the Twin Cities by creating a mobile light show trailer. This trailer will be set up with lights like we use at hour homes and programmed with some fun content for kids. We’ve partnered with Children’s Hospitals of Minnesota and will be doing a light show multiple nights in December to say goodnight to children who are in the hospital for the holidays. We want these kids to know everyone is rooting for their health and to brighten their spirits as much as we can.”