12/13/18 BOD Meeting Minutes

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JCI Shakopee Board of Directors Meeting – December 13, 2018

Next Meeting: January 10th, 2019
Present: BOD: E. Gherity, L. Case, P. Zimmerman, S. Beaumont,D. Kothenbeutel, M. Duffy, C. Kostelecky, S. Corder

NON BOD: J. Harris , P Hesse

Call to Order: 8:18 pm

Minutes taken by – S. Corder

  1. Call to Order.
  2. Approval of Previous Minutes  – So moved (1st by Gherity, 2nd by Case) Motion Carries
  3. Approval of the Agenda  – So moved (1st by Case, 2nd by Zimmerman) Motion Carries
  4. Consent Agenda – (please see treasurer for specific account balances)


Check request form: https://jcishakopee.org/checkrequest/

Hardship request form: https://jcishakopee.org/hardshiprequest/

Road Run URL: http://tinyurl.com/JCIMNRoadRuns   


  1. General Business and Reports
  • Management:
    • Budget Planning Meeting –  December 30th at the Jaycee office
    • Leadership Planning Guides (LPG) – used for Historical Memory. Rough page filled out before 1st BOD meeting in January (found in Individual department sections. one for each officer)
    • Chairpersons – ways and means Project PMGs are due Jan 1st. Chairs to be selected by mid January
    • Office clean out/updating – Will need to be factored into the budget. 
    • Lab nights – We will be launching Jaycee Lab nights in February. It is a collaborative work space for any Jaycee across the state.
    • Accounting Software – Quickbooks to factor into the budget.
  • Membership:
    • Membership numbers being finalized for 2018 and getting an estimate/ goal for 2019
      • We are currently sitting at 104 members. Paper members are being purged. The goal for next year is 120 members.
    • Working on streamlining the budget to work more efficiently for membership socials.
    • Pool social is in the works
  • Community:
    • Positions Open – Reaching out directly to members to see if there is anyone who is willing to step up.
    • E-mail have gone out to all the public servant sectors
    • Contact has been made with the Active Citizens Committee
  • Individual Development:
    • Fluid painting class – 1st Thurs. – Feb or March – Carrie Moritz will host a class for Members and their guests. Possible expenses need to be factored into the budget.
  • Public Relations:
    • Website is up and running, Woo!
    • Lots of swag being ordered for this upcoming year
  • State Delegate
    • Push hard on convention attendance. Get trained for competitions


9: President’s Comments

  • 50 members in to contacting every member. will be done by the end of January.
  • Stressing institutional memory. be Transparent with everything, All the time
  • FAQ is being built to further our institutional memory
  • LOTS and LOTS of state submissions this year


10: Adjournment Motion to Adjourn (1st by Duffy, 2nd by Beaumont) Motion Carries – Adjournment at 8:56

11: Creed – Creed led by Samantha Beaumont

Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken! – President Elect, Drew Kothenbeutel (definitely not fight club)

Next Approved BOD Minutes – August 12, 2021
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