2018 Membership Incentives Policy

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The Purpose of Membership Incentives is to enhance membership participation within the Shakopee chapter by providing achievable incentive levels for the membership to apply to their JCI career.  Chapter members will be able to earn points towards dues, attendance at events, chapter-branded merchandize, or other items; 10 points will equal $1 of credit.

1. Any changes to the policy must involve a membership incentives committee to discuss any adjustments, and comply with terms and conditions for amending a policy.

2. Each chapter meeting or event that requires a separate JCI Shakopee sign-in sheet counts as a meeting or event towards point accumulation.

3. A yearly earned point cap will be set for each general member at the point equivalent of $170, and $120 for alumni/associate members.

4. Should 75% of the funds in the Incentives budget line item(s) be claimed for reimbursement by members prior to October 1st, a membership incentives committee meeting shall be held within 30 days to address any revisions or adjustments for the budget line.

5. Points earned in a given year will be available in the next year. The first priority and use for the accrued points will be the cost of dues to the organization, unless otherwise authorized by the Board of Directors or the membership

6. At the end of the fiscal year, any unused points shall be eligible to roll over for one (1) calendar year. After such time, said points will be forfeited.

7. Point values are outlined in the membership incentive point chart, which shall be reviewed by the membership incentives committee and presented for approval by the Board of Directors and the membership each year. This shall be based on the same schedule and calendar requirements as the submission and approval of the chapter budget.

8. Points accumulated by chairing an event may be split between the chair and co-chair based upon the chair’s discretion.

9. Proof of member activities towards incentive points must be able to be shown by said member if requested.

10. Board of Directors shall have the authority to modify the allocation of points with due

11. Projects held after December 15th count towards the following years point values.

12. A report on the accrual and use of incentives points from the previous year shall be present to the membership to coincide with the adoption of the budget.

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