Approved GM Minutes – May 20, 2021

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JCI Shakopee GM Meeting

Next Meeting:6/17/2021
Present:Present: K. Boler, M. Duffy, R. Beecher, C. Hexum, A. Beecher, P. Hesse, S. Kramer, M. Black, S. Wade, G. Labovitch, M. Arnold, C. Costlecky, S. Corder
Online:A. Troland, A. Weidenhamer, C. Moritz, D. Moore, D. Kothenbeutel, L. Case, L. Gherity, M. Anderson, PJ Zimmerman, R. Benjamin, K. Smith
Call to Order:7:33pm
  1. Call to Order @ 7:33pm.
  2. Special Guests: Member Gwen Labovitch
    • She wasn’t able to run as National Vice President last year because she had to do a different position.
    • She wants us to come to St. Louis to vote for her, to talk her up, and to help pay for the $250 fee for MidAmerica & a $125 JCI Usa Filing fee.
      1. Motion made by M. Arnold to pay all of Gwen Labotich’s filing fees in full; 2nd by K. Boler.  Motion carries.

                      Member Stephanie Corder

  • She is running for JCI MN State President for next year.  She wants us to help pay for the filing fees.
    1. Motion made by S. Kramer to give her financial ($200 paid to JCI Minnesota) and emotional support; 2nd by Labovitch.  Motion carries.
  1. Approval of Previous Minutes – 1st by Duffy; 2nd by Beecher; Motion carries.
  2. Approval of the Consent Agenda – 1st by Labovitch; 2nd by Duffy; Motion carries.
  3. Approval of the Business Agenda – 1st by Duffy; 2nd by Boler; Motion carries.
  4. Consent Agenda


Check/Reimbursement Requests: 

Road Run URL:

Assistance Requests: 

  1. General Business and Reports
  • Management:
    • Taste of Shakopee Update
      • It’s still going to be August 14, 10am-4pm.  We are looking for volunteers from 9am-5pm; we have a beer lead but are looking for more of them.
    • Fest Update
      • MidAmerica is being talked to on June 2nd.  It is late because they have other festivals they have been doing.
      • There is charity picked out… Legacy Scholarship Fund; it’s a fund to benefit the kids of fallen soldiers since 9/11 & they are now extended to emergency response teams too… it gives the kids a free-ride to college.
    • Scott County Fair Beer Sales Update
      • Sierra has stepped up to be the chairperson.
      • M. Black has been mentoring her since she hasn’t chaired the project before.
      • They are meeting on Monday to do the PMG.
      • So far, it’s happening.  We are going to need volunteers.  A volunteer sheet will be drawn up for this.
      • It is going from July 28th through July 31st.  There will be a separate Facebook event for each day.
    • Twin Cities Summer Jam Proposed Fundraiser
      • 2 years ago we went to Summer Jam and had a lot of fun.  It would be great if we could serve beer here.  Summer Jam said they have a fun project idea for us… they are looking for 6 volunteers each day (July 22nd through July 24th), to drive vehicles they provide to bring the music celebrities to the event, get food, etc.
        • Everybody who volunteers will get free tickets for the day we’re not working.
        • The chapter will get money for this.
        • Motion made by S. Wade for a positive recommendation to send a message back to Summer Jam saying we want to do it; 2nd by K. Boler.  Motion carries.
    • Bylaws & Policies Proposal
      • Motion made by S. Corder that we do it exactly as written and presented, starting in 2022; 2nd A. Beecher.  Motion carries.
  • Membership:
    • Zoom Zoom Happytime Social
      • June 13th – starts at 2pm.  We are meeting at ProKart in Burnsville (don’t know what capacity is yet) & afterwards going to Bucca de Beppo (no capacity limit… needs to sit no more than 6 at a table).  It costs $15 per member.  RSVP deadline is Thursday, June 10th.
    • June Zoom Game Night
      • This is going to be on June 21st.  This will be a family-friendly game night.  We are going to play Uno and a family-friendly version of All Bad Cards.
    • New Member Orientation Zoom Panel
      • Do a new member orientation on Facebook Live (instead of on Zoom) with some of our senior Jaycees.  If you’re interested, send an email to
  • Community:
    • Adopt A Highway – Sunday, May 30th, 10am
      • Be there or be square.  Food will be provided afterward.
    • Pitch, Hit, and Run – June 26th
      • They are looking for a chair for this event.  Reach out to if you’re interested.
      • We have a membership booth there that needs to be staffed.
  • Individual Development:
    • June Lab Night: Automotive Basics with Matt A
      • We will be meeting in the park and he will be doing a presentation on automotive basics… changing a tire, changing oil, etc.
  • Public Relations:
    • Hockey Hoodie & Zip Up
      • They are going to be $38.50 small to XL… anything more will be an extra $1.00 per X.
      • The Zip Ups will cost more, both base cost and additional per X.
  • State Delegate
    • Awards
      • We won a lot of different awards.

9: Presidential Comments

She is very proud of us for doing such a wonderful job supporting each other and doing a lot of hard work.  We will be shooting out of a metaphorical cannon soon and have more normalcy back in our lives.  Let your passion run wild!!

10: Adjournment @ 8:37pm – 1st by Corder; 2nd by Arnold; Motion carries

11: Creed

We believe:

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;

That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;

That government should be of laws rather than of men;

That earth’s great treasure lies in human personality; and

That service to humanity is the best work of life.

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