April 15, 2021 – Approved GM Minutes

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JCI Shakopee GM Meeting 

Next Meeting:5/20/2021
Present:K. Bongard, R. Vouhnoutka, R. Benjamin, P. Hesse, S. Corder, A. Beecher, A. Weidenhamer, C. Hexum, M. Duffy, S. Wade-Dekeizer, C. Kostelecky, M. Anderson, M. Arnold, M. Black, K. Boler, E. Gherity, J. Harris, G. Labovitch, D. Kothenbeutel
GUESTS: H. Hoagland, D. McLain (MI)
Call to Order:7:36pm
  1. Call to Order @ 7:36pm
  2. Special Guests: Heather Hoagland from Scott County Historical Society
    • They talked about the different instruments, different bands in different cities, and other things as well.
    • Looking for us to sponsor internships at SCHS.
  3. Approval of Previous Minutes – 1st by Labovitch; 2nd by Beecher; Motion carries
  4. Approval of the Consent Agenda – 1st by Duffy; 2nd by Weidenhamer; Motion carries.
  5. Approval of the Business Agenda – 1st by Duffy; 2nd by Arnold; Motion carries.
  6. Consent Agenda


Check/Reimbursement Requests: https://jcishakopee.org/knowledge-base/check-request-form/ 

Road Run URL: http://tinyurl.com/JCIMNRoadRuns

Assistance Requests: https://jcishakopee.org/knowledge-base/hardship-donation-request/ 

  1. General Business and Reports
  • Management:
    • Fest Update – Rob
      • Hello to D. MeLain, from Michigan.
      • Fest has been contacted.  Haven’t heard back from them yet.  We sent them a list of what needs to be fixed and what we’re going to take over.
      • There are problems and concerns about people.  People are starting to form things/take care of business their own way… don’t do that; go to the Chair and Co-Chair instead.
      • Pubmasters will be posted later tonight/early tomorrow.  Knights needs pubmasters.
      • Please respect the Co-Chair as much as you respect the Chair.
    • Big Tasty Update/in search of committee members – Anne & Matt
      • The event was made last week.  Link for vendors is live.  In the next week or two a schedule for events and vendors will be created.
    • Scott County Fair Update – Meredith
      • Nothing moving forward yet… it’s too early.  She will reach out to them in the next week or two.
      • There is the opportunity for somebody to run this project.  If it interests you, please contact Meredith Black so she can mentor you.
    • In search of Chair for Trail of Terror
      • We don’t have a Chair for this yet.  This is another Mid-America project.  If you’re interested please reach out.
    • Bylaws and Policies committee Update – Matty
      • We have a committee and they’re working their butts off.
      • There are things being changed, but it’s mostly grammatical.
      • There is going to be a chapter BOD restructuring, so it is closer to how JCI USA does it.  We’re not going to vote on this until the GM meeting next month.  If things go planned, it would be starting in 2022.
    • Office clean up with PR
      • The office needs to be cleaned, and inventoried, but there is no date set for this yet.
  • Membership:
    • Time for Quarter 2 Renewals!
      • It is time for Quarter 2 renewals.  If it’s you, check your inbox.  Send to PO Box 133 in Shakopee.
      • Alumni dues are due in June as well.
    • Pro Kart social
      • June 13th at 1:30pm.  The races will start at 2pm.  You have to be 18+ to start.  $15 cost for each member.  Bucca will be tables of 6 and we’ll have to let them know 1 week in advance.
      • Communicate with A. Weidenhamer if you’re interested.
  • Community:
    • Scott County Historical Society
      • They are looking for a donation to help pay for interns.  They were looking for $500-$2,000.
      • Questions were asked: How long is this internship, how much of the stipend goes to each person, etc.
      • We are going to send them the questions and we will talk about this again next month.
    • Dollars for Scholars
      • We annually donate money to this.  It helps give students a scholarship to go to college.  We have a line-item for this… CD-9 for $5,000.
      • We will be writing them a check for $5,000 once we know who to give the money to.
    • Adopt a Park – May 2nd, 2pm – Huber Park
      • This is scheduled.  We will probably have a supper at Pizza Ranch.  It will probably be a light cleanup because Shakopee is having an Earth Day cleanup a couple weeks before.
    • Adopt a Highway – May 30th, 10am
      • Meet at the Holiday station like we have before.  Break into groups of 2.
    • Pitch, Hit, and Run – June 5th – Lions Park
      • Working with Shakopee Parks and Rec to nail down the date… it’s approximately at June 5th this year.
    • Reallocation of $334.50 from PR-7 to CD-10
      • The Easter event budget (CD-10) was overspent and we need to reallocate funds from PR-7 to cover this.
      • S. Corder made a motion to move $334.50 from PR-7 to CD-10; 2nd by Labovitch.  Motion carries.
  • Individual Development:
    • May Lab Nite: Networking presented by JCI MN President Gwen Labovitch
      • Come to this lab night so you can learn about networking (how to remember names & learn about other things)!
  • Public Relations:
    • Hockey hoodie
      • Blue color, 2 laces, logo will be in white.  Small-XL is $30.58… each X over that costs another $1.  Don’t know the price of the logo yet though.
      • A sizing chart will be posted for us to see before we order.
    • Shakopee Grad Night
      • We did a sponsorship with them last year… $1,000.
      • It’s for a big party.
      • They have 3 different levels (Silver: $350-499; Gold: $500-599; Platinum: $1,000+).
      • Motion made to donate $1,000 to the Shakopee Grad Night out of CD-30 by Gherity; 2nd by Arnold.  Motion carried.
      • We need to make a line item for this… it needs to be added to the budget when we meet at the end of the year for this.
    • Face masks
      • They are black, cotton, masks with the JCI logo.
      • We will be notified when they come in.  There is no cost for the mask… every member gets one for free
  • State Delegate
    • National Convention
      • National Convention is next week in Montana.
    • State Convention — Enchanted Garden Escape in Bemidji
      • Carpooling
        • Contact C. Kostelecky if you’re interested & she will get you in touch with other members that want to go.

9: Presidential Comments

– Thanks for the turnout.  If you want to talk to somebody, the BOD is here for you.

10: Adjournment @ 8:16pm – 1st by Corder; 2nd by Beecher; Motion carries.

11: Creed

We believe:

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;

That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;

That government should be of laws rather than of men;

That earth’s great treasure lies in human personality; and

That service to humanity is the best work of life.

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