February 21, 2019 Approved GM Meeting Minutes

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February 21, 2019 – Minutes taken by A. Beecher
JCI Shakopee GM Meeting
Next Meeting: March 21, 2019
Present: S. Corder, C. Hexum, H. Wade, C. Kostelecky, A. Glynn, J. Younge, L Schaefrle, D Kothenbeutel, M. Duffy, C. Koester, A. Beecher, L. Gherity, S. Beaumont, P. Zimmerman, R. Rajpal, R. Benjamin, J. Cortez, C. Moritz, K. Boler, P. Hesse, R. Beecher
Guests: J Hawley, K. Brock, K. Miyak, B. Pangery, S. Seitz

Call to Order: 7:31 pm
1. Call to Order. 7:31
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Special Guests

  • Ray Hussong – Dollars for Scholars
    • $5,000 Donation check given
  • Gary Butler – Shakopee West Theater Department
    • Funds for equipment rentals, especially 2 spotlights ($262 per week) & 2 gel kits $95 each ($190 for both kits)  – total of $450-$500 needed -> $452 donated
  • Britt Thelemann Pangerl – MN Endo Warriors
  • John and Alex Hawley – Cooperstown Baseball Sponsorship

4. Approval of Previous Minutes: Motion to approve January 17, 2019 GM Meeting Minutes. 1st by M. Duffy, 2nd by R. Rajpal. Motion passes.
5. Approval of the Consent Agenda: Motion to approve consent agenda. 1st by M. Duffy, 2nd by A, Glynn. Motion passes.
6. Approval of the Business Agenda: Motion to approve business agenda. 1st by C. Kostelecky, 2nd by M. Duffy. Motion passes.
7. Consent Agenda: Please See Treasurer for Account Balances
8. General Business and Reports:

  • Management:
    • Office Remodel: Pretty walls everywhere 😉
    • Lab Night: March 7 Grand Opening!  Mad Science theme! Raffles, giveaways, scavenger hunt!
    • Fest Update: Taking applications for management team
  • Membership:
    • New Member Orientation: March 21st, after meeting
    • MOA Scavenger Hunt: Prelim date of April 7.  90 minutes, working in pairs, followed by appetizers at one of the restaurants in the mall (TBD)
    • New Member Swear-in: Kelsey Boler
  • Community:
    • Huber Park – Adopt a Park, Playground: Huber park needs attention! We will be undertaking the Huber Park sponsorship.  Playground needs to be stained, clean-up needs to happen twice a year (similar to highway clean-up).
    • FISH Network and Events:  Motion to provide $75 from CD-2 (Proposed projects) for safety bars and equipment for a seven year old in their home. 1st by P. Zimmerman,, 2nd by J. Cortez. Potion passes.
    • SVABM – Jeans and Gems: April 12 Gala
    • Cooperstown Sponsorship: Motion to sponsor Chanhassen 2019 Baseball Team going to Cooperstown at the Home Run ($1000) level, taking $500 from CD-33 and $500 from PR-2. 1st by L. Schaefrle, 2nd by M. Duffy.   Motion passes.
      • $500 gets JCI Shakopee name listed on FB Page, plus Name on Banner & T-shirt (in larger font).  $1000 gets name listed on FB Page, plus Logo and Name on Banner & T-shirt (prominent size).
    • MN Endo Warriors:
      • Motion to donate $500 from CD-26. 1st by P. Zimmerman, 2nd by M. Duffy.  Motion passes.
      • Motion to amend the motion to designate towards education. 1st by C. Kostelecky, 2nd by S. Beaumont. Motion fails.
  • Individual Development:
    • Upcoming Classes 1st Thursday of month
      • March – Pour Painting
      • April, May, June – Financial series
  • Public Relations:
    • Twin Cities Pride -Matthew Duffy
      • Prices have gone WAY UP for the parade
      • Possibility of having a Table – Membership thumbs up on this!
    • Bunny filming March 14
  • State Delegate
    • State bowling
    • Camp Cleanup (5/3/19 – sign up by 4/25)
    • Convention registration (Early bird ends on February 28th): Breezy Point, May 10-12
    • Mid America institute (April 26th-28th)
    • 2018 JCI Shakopee Awards from Annual Convention

9. Presidential Comments

10: Adjournment: Motion to Adjourn. 1st by S. Beaumont, 2nd by C. Hexum. Motion passes. Adjournment at 9:14.

11: Creed

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