January 21, 2019 Approved GM Meeting Minutes

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March 21, 2019 – Minutes take by A. Beecher
JCI Shakopee GM Meeting
Next Meeting:
April 18, 2019
Present: C. Kostelecky, S. Corder, D. Kothenbeutel, S. Beaumont, A. Glynn, J Younge, N. Kinkaed, H. Wede-Dekeizer, C. Moritz, L. Gherity, A. Beecher, J. Cortez, M. Duffy, S. Kremer, P. Zimmeman
Alumni: J. Fogelberg, P. Hesse, D. Bittner, R. Benjamin, C. Benjamin, K. Williams, R. Beecher
Call to Order: 7:30
1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Special Guests

  • Deanna Villella – United Legacy
  • Jacqueline Macht – Shakopee DECA International Competition Sponsorship
    • Motion to donate $1000 from CD33 to DECA Competition Team. 1st by L. Gherity, 2nd by S. Beaumont. Motion passes.
  • Craig Freeman – Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative

4. Approval of Previous Minutes: Motion to approve 02/29/29 meeting minutes.. 1st by M. Duffy, 2nd A. Glynn. Motion Passes.
5. Approval of the Consent Agenda: Motion to approve consent agenda. 1st by M. Duffy, 2nd by C. Kostelecky. Motion passes.
6. Approval of the Business Agenda: Motion to approve business agenda. 1st by M. Duffy, 2nd by S. Beaumont. Motion Passes.
7. Consent Agenda: Please See Treasurer for Account Balances
8. General Business and Reports

  • Management:
    • Big Taste of Fun – Saturday, June 15 – Taste of Shakopee and then some (lots of some)
    • Incentives Policy/Chart – Motion to approve incentives policy and chart. 1st by S. Kremer, 2nd P. Zimmerman. Motion Passes.
    • Fest Update – Shadow Program (shadow someone for 1 day in order to learn a new position).
    • Upcoming:  
      • Rock The Garden (June 29) – Anne Weidenhamer   
      • Scott County – Lauren Schaeferle
  • Membership:
    • MOA Scavenger Hunt – April 7th
    • Game Night – April 26th  6:00-9/9:30 at JCI Shakpee Office
  • Community:
    • Hardship Donation Request – Mark Taylor vehicle repairs.  Looking for help with a down payment ($1000) for a reliable vehicle that will help him get to & from work and to pick up his child.  
    • New Budget Line item CD35 – Fish Network:  Motion to transfer $1000 from CD2 to create line item CD35-Fish Network. 1st by P. Zimmerman, 2nd by S. Kremer. Motion Passes.
    • Jeans and Gems – April 12th: Fundraising event, silent auction & gala!  Asked for our help with silent auction!
    • Easter Bunny Candy Grab (April 13th) – help with prizes
    • FYI – Shakopee Volleyball Sponsorship – Sponsoring Men’s Shakopee Volleyball team at the Kill Level
    • Dining Out for Life – April 25
    • Pitch, Hit, and Run: Looking at May 3, most likely outdoors, possibly Tapah pk
    • Heartstrings Unlimited: Gala Palooza $30 per person, Saturday, April 27 4-10.  Looking for help, will cost $30 still. Possibly looking for matching donation.
    • United Legacy
  • Individual Development:
    • Lab Night Classes
  • Public Relations:
    • Reminder to use #JCIShakopee and #JCIMN when at events
    • Share, Share, Share
    • NHL Alumni Game at Shakopee Ice Arena (April 13th, right after Easter Event) – Table/Game area
  • State Delegate
    • State Bowling Recap: 7 JCI Shakopee Attendee’s
    • Mid America Institute 4/26-4/27
    • Camp Clean up 5/3-5/5: Camp Confidence Clean-up
    • Spring All State Convention 5/10-5/12

9: Presidential Comments

10: Adjournment: Motion to Adjourn. 1st by S. Kremer, 2nd by S. Beaumont. Motion passes. Adjournment at 9:28

11: Creed

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