January 21, 2019 General Membership Minutes

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January 17, 2019 – Minutes – Taken by A. Beecher

JCI Shakopee GM Meeting

Next Meeting:February 21, 2019

Present:D. Kothenbeutel, R. Beecher, J. Cortez, A. Beecher, P. Zimmerman, P. Hesse, L. Gherity, J. Fogelberg, S. Beaumont, M. Anderson, C. Hexum, M. Duffy, D. Bittner, C. Moritz, A. Rahn, L. Case, C. Kostelecky, D. Nerdahl, N. Kinkaid

  1. Call to Order. 7:35
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Special Guests – Anthony Stofferahn, Scott County CERT Equipment

Correctional Emergency Response Team is looking for help funding equipment.  There are currently 4 officers, each working separate shifts. Ideally they would like to have 12+ officers (4 for each shift).

Plate Harness $95.99

Shock Plates $178.98-$268.99

Tactile Helmet $98.99

Protection Mask $69.99

High Price $534 per person for all 4 items ($2136 for full equipment for all 4 current officers

4. Approval of Previous Minutes: Motion to approve December 20, 2018 GM Meeting minutes. 1st by Duffy, 2nd by M. Anderson. Motion passes.

5. Approval of the Consent Agenda:  Motion to approve consent agenda. 1st by Duffy, 2nd by Gherity. Motion passes.

6. Approval of the Business Agenda:  Motion to approve business agenda. 1st by Duffy, 2nd by Beaumont. Motion passes.

7. Consent Agenda: Please See Treasurer for Account Balances

8. General Business and Reports

  • Management:
    • 2019 Budget Proposal:  Motion to approve the proposed budget with the amendment to change MD17 to “JCI Shakopee Gold Star Club”.  1st by Duffy, 2nd by Kostelecky. Motion passes.
    • Office Remodel Update – $ in the budget, working Sundays in February
    • Lab Night Launch – 1st Thursday in March – 2019 JCI MN State President Dean Carlson will be guest bartender
    • Incentives Committee – talk to Carolyn Kostelecky if you’re interested in joining the team!
  • Membership:
    • Pool Party Social- Great Wolf Lodge (Feb 2)
    • Snow Tubing Social-  Three Rivers (Mar 10) 11:00-1:00  – Melissa Anderson – 3 rivers park in Maple Grove – watch FB for more
    • Bowling Social (March/April)- Need chair
    • Paintball Social (April) – Need chair
    • Scavenger Hunt at MOA (April)- Need chair
    • Drive-In Social (May)- Need chair
    • New Member – Swear in Raven
  • Community:
    • Open positions
    • Meetings with Community Leaders
      • Met with: St. Francis, SVABM, FISH, Mayor
      • Upcoming meetings with: Superintendent, Crescent Cove
    • CERT Request: Motion to allocate $2,000 from CD3 towards the purchase of equipment for CERT.  1st by Kostelecky, 2nd by M. Anderson. Motion passes.
      • Motion to call to question. 1st by D. Nerdahl, 2nd by S. Beaumont. Motion passees.
    • Hardship request: Motion to give up to $400 (written directly to the respective business) from CD3 towards the cost of funeral expenses. 1st by Moritz, 2nd by M. Anderson. Motion passes.
  • Individual Development:
    • Pour painting class – Thursday, March 7 (Lab Night)
  • Public Relations:
    • Have you received your T-Shirt? See me after a meeting!
    • Get the JCI Shakopee name out there with a membership booth at job fairs, all JCI events, college fairs.
    • #JCIShakopee #JCIMN
    • Check out our website!!
    • 5 second Elevator speech – “We are individual development through community service.” This will open up conversation for more explanation.
  • State Delegate
    • Annual Convention
      • Dress Code:
        • Friday: Business meetings are Business Casual
        • Competitions: Business for competitors and Business Casual for watchers
        • Friday Awards: Jaycee Casual- Show off your Chapter or Region attire
        • Saturday Trainings: Business Casual
        • Saturday Lunch: Business Casual  (All 2018 team: Pink State Staff polo and black dress pants only during lunch)
        • Saturday Dinner: Formal
        • Sunday BOD: Business Attire

9: Presidential Comments

10: Adjournment: Motion to adjourn. 1st by Duffy, 2nd by M Anderson. Motion Passes, adjournment at 8:54

11: Creed

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