June 18, 2020 – Approved GM Minutes

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JCI Shakopee GM Meeting 

Next Meeting:7-16-2020
J Harris, D. Kothenbeutel, A Beecher, C Hexum, K Boler, M Arnold, A Weidenhamer, M Duffy, C Kostelecky, M Taylor
L Gherity, D Waldorf, L Case, C Walczak, G Labovitch, S Kramer
Call to Order:7:30pm
  1. Call to Order. @ 7:30pm
  2. Special Guests
    • Matthew Duffy, Miss NSGRA Candidate
      • He is running for Miss NSGRA. Sashing ceremony at 5pm on Saturday. Thanks for everybody who is behind me. More fundraising will come.
  1. Approval of Previous Minutes – 1st by Duffy, 2nd by Arnold.  Motion carried.
  2. Approval of the Consent Agenda – 1st by Duffy, 2nd by Arnold.  Motion carried.
  3. Approval of the Business Agenda  – 1st by Beecher, 2nd by Duffy.  Motion carried.
  4. Consent Agenda


Check/Reimbursement Requests: https://jcishakopee.org/knowledge-base/check-request-form/ 

Road Run URL: http://tinyurl.com/JCIMNRoadRuns

Assistance Requests: https://jcishakopee.org/knowledge-base/hardship-donation-request/ 

  1. General Business and Reports
  • Management:
    • Picnic/Potluck Meetings
      • July and August this year @ Memorial Park.  Chris Walczak is the grill master.  We don’t know what the menu is yet; if you can, please bring something to share.
    • Update on Scott County Fair 
      • Cancelled this year due to COVID-19.  This is our 3rd major Ways and Means project impacted by the pandemic.
    • Ren Fest Update
      • NY Renaissance Festival cancelled, but not the MN Renaissance Festival yet.  Last communication with Mid-America we are moving like we are doing it this year and on-time.  How are we going to be open?  Are there going to be any restrictions?  No answers to those questions at this time.  We’re going to make sure that everybody is safe.  No idea on camping yet… Mid-America will have to tell us.
      • There are 2 pubmaster positions available… 1 at Knights & 2 roaming pubmasters.  Let us know if you want to do it.
      • We also picked up the soda booth this year.  Hopefully the Junior Jaycees will work this & somebody between 18-22 can supervise them… training to be a pubmaster essentially.
      • If anybody has any questions tell them to Jeanette or Chris Walczak..
    • Trail of Terror 
      • Need to get a chairperson and people to man the trailers.
  • Membership:
    • New Member Orientation July 2nd 7:30pm 
      • Lab Night.  It will be a virtual Zoom meeting.  If you’re not a new member you can join the meeting as well.
    • Membership recruitment incentive
      • The state gave us some incentives to help us get fully renewed by the end of the month.
      • If a member recruits at least 5 new members they get swag and a coffee gift card
    • Q2 renewals due by June 30th
      • Talk to Arnold or Steven to get renewed.
  • Community:
    • Drinks and games social- Tuesday June 23rd 7pm
      • Gwen is hosting.  No idea on what game yet.  This will be on Zoom.  Bring a drink recipe to share.
    • Adopt a Park- Saturday July 11th 10am @ Huber park 
      • Everybody meet there and clean up.  Depending on how long it takes we might do food or something similar.
    •  Volleyball booster sponsorship
      • Shakopee High School girls volleyball booster club team.  3 tiers of donations.  Donations must be received by July 15.
        • Ace Level – Sponsor logo on the back of “throw t-shirts,” Sponsor and website displayed on home game program, & listing with logo on website.
      • Motion made for $500 (Ace Level) to be used for the sponsorship by Duffy, 2nd by Arnold.  Motion carries.
  • Individual Development:
    • [nothing for this year]

9. Chairperson Comments

    –    Thanks for your patience with me and our technical difficulties since we’re still learning the technology.  Congratulations for your hard work… keep it going!!

10: Adjournment @ 7:59pm – 1st by Duffy, 2nd by Beecher.  Motion carried.

11: Creed

We believe:

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;

That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;

That government should be of laws rather than of men;

That earth’s great treasure lies in human personality; and

That service to humanity is the best work of life.

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