May 14, 2020 – Approved BOD Minutes

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BOD Minutes

JCI Shakopee BOD Meeting 5-14-2020

Next Meeting:6-11-2020
Present:J. Harris, S. Corder, D. Kothenbeutel, A. Beecher, M. Arnold, A. Weidenhamer, C. Kostelecky, M. Duffy, S. KramerG. Labovitch (guest)
Call to Order:7:36 pm
  1. Call to Order. @ 7:36pm.
  2. Special Guests 
    • Member Gwendolyn Labovitch
      1. She is considering running for National Vice President for JCI Minnesota.  She told us about all the levels in the organization.  She is looking for our support: 1) When this is brought up at JCI MN meeting we would make the motion to ask for approval; 2) Be her cheerleaders; 3) If we’re able, then come to the celebration of the century.
      2. She is asking for us to bring it up to the GM and ask for a positive recommendation.  Motion made by Duffy us to do just that (bring it up to the GM meeting next week & ask for a positive recommendation for Gwen); 2nd by Kostelecky.  Motion carries.
  3. Approval of Previous Minutes – 1st by Kostelecky; 2nd by Kotenbeutel; Motion carries.
  4. Approval of the Consent Agenda – 1st by Duffy; 2nd by Kostelecky; Motion carries
  5. Approval of the Business Agenda  – 1st by Harris; 2nd by Duffy; Motion carries
  6. Consent Agenda


Check/Reimbursement Requests: 

Road Run URL:

Assistance Requests: 

  1. General Business and Reports
  • Management:
    • Virtual Taste of Shakopee
      • Postponed as the full event until September 26,2020.  Going to scale it back because it is during Fest.  We will still be in charge of the food event.
      • Virtual event in June 2020… June 1st through June 20th.  Do prizes for best value meal, best tacos in town, etc.  We will be promoting on our social media.  Drew created a bingo card for people to complete by going to those restaurants; this would be for the general membership/community.
        • We would have sponsors for the gift cards to give out for prizes.
    • Fest
      • Not doing “bags for bucks” — trash pick up incentive — it would be too hard to staff.
      • Added the soda booth for this year.  It is by Sots.  We’re hoping to get our under 21 members and their parents involved.  We might get around $600-900 income for that.
        • Lead has to be at least 16 years old.  Others have to be old/mature enough to count money.
    • Scott County Fair
      • Still happening in July 2020.  We’re in need for a chair; something will be posted on Saturday in our social media.  We need a chair for Trail of Terror too.
    • Budget!
      • Taste of Shakopee is being impacted by COVID-19.  How is the pandemic going to affect us in our operations?  Keep in mind that we might not have Fest this year; keep tabs on spending & your budget.
  • Membership:
    • Zoom
      • We purchased a membership and are letting other chapters use it when we’re not using it.
    • Membership renewals
      • Alumni are due June 15th.
    • Membership Calls
      • Have the members on the board call every member within 2 weeks… ask how they’re doing/how their families are, see if they have any needs, reach out in general.  We have 10 board members and 104 general membership members… 10 people per board member.  We still need to reach out to our alumni (84 people) as well.  A call list will be drafted and each mini call list will be sent to each board member on who we are supposed to call.
  • Community:
    • Adopt a Park
      • We adopted a park in Shakopee (Tappa Park) that we have cleaned in the past.  A different park should probably be chosen because we don’t use the park much… 1 event.  We use Memorial Park more than the other parks we use, but we use Huber Park as well.  Huber Park works because it is closest to our office and to downtown Shakopee.  President Corder will be filling out paperwork for us to adopt Huber Park. 
    • Adopt a Highway Update (pending Walz announcement)
      • We can go ahead with this as long as we do the social/physical distancing.  Originally planned for May 24th, but it is now scheduled for May 31st so we could get more participation that weekend.
    • Jeans and Gems update
      • Virtual event now.  Kothenbeutel will give me that information.
    • MN Fringe Festival
      • It has been canceled this year due to COVID-19 concerns and considerations.  They are asking for a $5/current member and alumni straight donation OR $5/member or alumni to buy buttons OR $10/member or alumni to get the donation and the buttons; this donation would be to pay for buttons which can be used year-round for discounts to other shows… it will help support local arts immediately and benefit our members once we can get out to enjoy shows again.
        • Questions…  How is this connected with Shakopee?  Answer is unknown.  Do some of our members participate in it?  Are some of our vendors for Taste part of this?  Does everybody want buttons?
    • Senior grad party update
      •  They reached out to us.  Almost 100% that they’re not able to do it this year.  They are still looking for gifts for the grads.  Last GM meeting we talked about a $1,000 donation to them but we haven’t voted on it yet; it will be added to the GM meeting next week.
  • Individual Development:
    • ID With Paige
      • A lot of JCI trainings have been going on.  S. Corder would like us to sponsor a training… JCI Impact, JCI Achieve, JCI Effective Leadership.  For Effective Leadership we could sponsor it by letting them use our Zoom platform.
  • Public Relations:
    • Social Media Campaign
      • Been going pretty well, but falling off recently.  People are noticing what we’ve been posting however.
  • State Delegate
    • Convention might get cancelled this year.  What’s our contingency plan if this happens?
      • Do we keep the deposits with the state or do we do a refund?  The board informally voted for us to get a refund.

9: Presidential Comments

  •  She’s been doing a lot of trainings.  Get on Facebook and look at events for other countries and other JCI organizations.
  • What can we do to get our members plugged in?

10: Adjournment @ 8:51 pm – 1st by Kramer; 2nd by Duffy.  Motion carries.

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