October 15, 2020 – Approved GM Minutes

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JCI Shakopee GM Meeting 

Next Meeting:11-19-2020
Present:J. Harris, S. Corder, M. Arnold, M. Anderson, J. Louis, K. Boler, M. Duffy, C. Koester, D. Kothenbeutel, A. Beecher, S. Kramer, J. Cortez, H. (S.) Wade-Dekeizer, G. Labovitch
Guests: L. Merriman
Call to Order:7:43pm
  1. Call to Order @ 7:43pm.
  2. Special Guests 
    • Sabrina & Lucas Merriman – Community Members
      1. They are here to request a donation.  They were working in a garage and a battery blew up.  They have a big family.  They were able to get out of the house.  The Jordan fire department was able to put out the fire.  While they were sleeping the fire reignited and destroyed the house and the car.  They are asking $2,500 for the deductibles for the house and the car that were destroyed.
    • Jim Louis – Fearless Comedy
      1. They are looking for funds from us, same as last year.  Their actors are aged 15-50+.  They have done numerous things over the years.  5 years ago they did a fundraiser called “die laughing.”  It is a 50 hour comedy performance.  Each year they have asked us to donate to the “Give to the Max Day” {November 19th — they will be doing karaoke this year}… we match what other people have donated.  They know we didn’t have our Ways and Means projects so they’re not asking for as much money this year.
      2. Their fundraising goal is $12,000 for this year… normally around $20,000.  They are asking for $1,000 from us.  {we already have $2,000 set aside for them in our budget}.
      3. They already raised $1,000 matching money from another organization.
  3. Approval of Previous Minutes – 1st by Duffy; 2nd by Arnold; Motion fails.  We will need to do both next month.
  4. Approval of the Consent Agenda – 1st by Arnold; 2nd by Duffy; Motion carries.
  5. Approval of the Business Agenda – 1st by Duffy; 2nd by Arnold; Motion carries.
  6. Consent Agenda


Check/Reimbursement Requests: https://jcishakopee.org/knowledge-base/check-request-form/ 

Road Run URL: http://tinyurl.com/JCIMNRoadRuns

Assistance Requests: https://jcishakopee.org/knowledge-base/hardship-donation-request/ 

  1. General Business and Reports
  • Management:
    • 2021 Project Application Deadlines
      • He doesn’t know what the deadlines are now, but they will accept the applications starting January 1st 2021.  The applications will start when the 2021 BOD has their first meeting.
  • Membership:
    • Q4 Membership Renewals
      • They are finishing up the rest of the year renewals.  ¾ of the people have already been talked to & said they were going to renew.
    • Zoom Game Night Social Monday October 19th
      • Come play.  We will probably play Jackbox games this month.
    • New Member Orientation Thursday October 22nd
      • Doing the orientation before the end of the month and the end of the year.  It will be on Zoom.
  • Community:
    • Eagle Scout donation
      • Months ago we donated money for a plaque.  The kid sent some pictures and some receipts.  We donated $170 [but didn’t cut a check yet….].  The cost was about $400.
      • They are looking for additional donations as well.  They would like us to pay the rest of the cost.
      • Motion made by G. Labovich for us to donate the other $200 (to the total of $400) to the Eagle Scout to cover the sign.  2nd from M. Arnold.  Motion carried.
    • Halloween party reminder/ manpower
      • It is coming up… October 24th.  Volunteers are needed to man our table.
    • Christmas box donation request/letters to Santa
      • It is a lighted, fancy, great for indoor/outdoor box, which will be stationed at the Shakopee Community Center.  If we purchase this we would also be committing ourselves to writing to the kids as Santa.
      • We could have a deadline for the kids’ letters to be sent in and we could have a lab night for us to write the responses.
      • Motion by M. Duffy to have us purchase the letter box and commit to the letters to Santa activity.  2nd by Cortez.  Motion carried.
    • Hardship request – Merrimen
      • For our budget we would have to pull the money from somewhere else than community because we don’t have the money in there yet.  We have $2,000 in the Membership donation line-item and $3,000 in another Membership line-item.
      • Motion made by M. Duffy to give the $2,500 to the Merrimen {pulled from Membership MB-2}.  2nd by Arnold.  Motion carried.
    • Broomball donation request
      • It’s at the Shakopee Community Center.  The Parks and Recs department wants to start a new sport.  We would purchase the equipment (sticks & balls).  No motion made.
    • SDA Manpower
      • We will provide the training at 2pm on Sunday.  if you are coming please let S. Corder know.  The training won’t last long.  We will help the Diversity Alliance by taking notes.
  • Individual Development:
    • [Nothing this month]
  • Public Relations:
    • Fearless Comedy Request
      • Motion made by M. Arnold to donate $2,000 to Fearless Comedy.  2nd by Cortez.  Motion carried.
    • We bought Stuff
      • We bought stuff.  We got a bottle opener to give to the adults October 24th at the Halloween party/manpower event.  We bought 250 of them.
  • State Delegate
    • United Legacy donation request
      • The board decided that we are not in the position to make any donations this year but if they come back next year we can talk about it then.
    • Rochester Jaycees request
      • No information at this time.

9: Presidential Comments

  • Save the date, A&I December 18th.  More Information to come.

10: Adjournment @ 8:25pm – 1st by Arnold.  2nd by Cortez.  Mocion carried.

11: Creed

We believe:

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;

That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;

That government should be of laws rather than of men;

That earth’s great treasure lies in human personality; and

That service to humanity is the best work of life.

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