Never Fear, Treasurer Is Here!

Hi, I’m Samantha Beaumont. I’m this your 2019 treasurer. I have been working with the Jaycees since I was 7 years old as a junior Jaycee. My first project was to be in a parade and throw candy. I loved it! It made me feel like I was important and that someone might be looking up to me. I continued to pop into different projects being helpful where I could. Then I became more active in the Renaissance Festival Beer Sales project as a volunteer in the costume shack. I helped in costume shack for 3 years. I attended many conventions, learning more about the Jaycees and finding role models in everyday people. One of those role models is Mandy Harrison. I discovered my passion for numbers and she taught me what I know about excel. Once I was 18 I entered the management side of fest, starting with Roster. During that time I continued to learn more about numbers by helping the financial team and maintenance during their counts. At 19, I was the financials assistant for the Renaissance Festival Beer Sales project. At 20, I became Management Director for the chapter. I learned more about all the important paperwork. That year I also became Financials second for the Beer Sales project. Last year, at age 21, I was elected as Treasurer. As stated before I am also this year's Treasurer. My Jaycee career may have started at a young age, but I’m still excited to see where it will take me.

Outside of the Jaycees, I am a full-time student at Normandale Community College studying computer engineering. I am also a manager at Red Robin. I like to be productive. I accomplish that by keeping busy. In my free time, I enjoy playing tabletop games with my family, video games with my friends, and on a quiet Sunday morning, I like to snuggle up with my blanket and a book drinking my morning coffee.

My love of learning new things and being around passionate people drives me to keep moving forward. At every Jaycee Convention or Project, I get inspired and motivated by other “everyday” people to push myself to accomplish bigger goals. I am motivated to work to inspire others to push themselves and to accomplish bigger goals. This is why I’m a Jaycee!