**Special Announcement**

JCI Shakopee is proud to endorse and present to you…..

Stephanie Corder, Candidate for JCI Minnesota Membership Development Vice President!

Stephanie joined JCI Shakopee in 2012 for the sole purpose of pouring beer at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. While doing so she quickly rose to leadership serving as a Pub Master within JCI Shakopee’s largest ways and means project. In 2017 she stepped up to join the Board of Directors. Since then, Stephanie has held multiple chapter board positions and has served as the state trainings and competitions program manager. Currently she is serving as Chapter President. As president, she takes on any challenge thrown her way with a level head, patience and a little bit of humor. She has a passion for empowering others to be their best version of themselves. In her first 3 years on the BOD, Stephanie received Outstanding Local VP and Presidential Medallion in the areas of Individual Development, Community Development, and Management Development.  She has been honored by her chapter with many awards including the Susan A. Walters Memorial Award and Minnesota Statesman #1649. Other state honors she is most proud of include both Gold and Silver Program Manager, Silver Key, Write-up Winner, and Jaycee of the Year.

Stephanie Lives in Minneapolis with her partner Paul and their cat Caleb. She works as an Executive Chef and enjoys spending her free time helping others. She is A Big Sister with Big Brother Big Sisters and serves on the Eagan 4th of July Funfest Ambassador committee as Judge Coordinator and Secretary. In recognition for her work with the Ambassadors, she was Knighted by King Boreas of the St. Paul Winter Carnival. In serving as Membership Vice President for our state, Stephanie will help facilitate growth and diversity in our organization by creating a safe environment for our members to grow and be the best they can be.  She believes that in doing so we can build stronger leaders and a flourishing JCI Minnesota.