Treasurer / Secretary Switch-a-Roo!?!

Most of you know Samantha Beaumont, our treasurer. As of May 17, 2019 Sammy has stepped down as treasurer to pursue her education out of state. We are so sad to see her go, but we cant wait to see what she accomplishes. Sammy has been serving as our treasurer since the beginning of 2018 and has had done a grat job. She has served with dedication, excitement, and a willingness to make our chapter better.

Sammy, You are a fantastic Jaycee and an even better person, we wish you all the best and you always know where to find us when you’re ready to come back (remember we have cookies).

On a lighter note, our secretary Andrea Beecher, has graciously stepped down from her position in order to become our new Treasurer! Thank you to Andrea for your continued service to JCI Shakopee. We are so excited to have you take on this new role for the 2019 Board of Directors. In this transition time, please be patient with any check requests or reimbursements. Our team will be working to make this as smooth as possible.

Furthermore, that brings us to the last point, WE HAVE A SECRETARY POSITION OPEN! check out the job description:

  • Available to attend both the BOD and General Membership meetings each month
  • Responsible for taking minutes at both monthly meetings
  • Create and solicit items to construct meeting agendas
  • Posts approved minutes to website
  • Use agenda and social media to boost meeting attendance.
  • Work directly with Management team

If this sounds like you or something that you want to learn, we WILL teach you.
If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors as our chapter’s secretary, please contact Management Development Vice President, Stephanie Corder at or send her a Facebook message.