What does it mean to serve?

In preparing for this year, I decided to continue a tradition from the past, where the president creates a logo that represents their goals and vision for the year. In doing so, I looked back at all of the amazing experiences I’ve had as a Jaycee, and at the document that represents the core of who we are: the Creed.

Yes, we believe. We believe in having faith in a higher purpose, and a brotherhood with all humanity that transcends all bounds. We believe that when people are free and our governments are based in the rule of law, people have the greatest opportunity. And we truly celebrate and treasure the rich tapestry of human personality, and how it brightens our lives.

But all of this rings hollow if we forget the last line:

“Service to humanity is the best work of life.”

Belief, by itself, is not enough. Belief motivates the soul, preparing us for greater undertakings, but by itself, it has neither form nor substance.

To bring about the change we wish to see in the world, we must work. And we must be ready to dedicate ourselves to service, so that our deeds reflect an unshakable commitment to all which we believe.

Excellence through Service. Three simple words that represent our commitment to transform belief into action, to take the values and ideals of the Jaycees and bring them to life.

Thank you for being part of this commitment to that greater purpose.